Let's Go to the Mall

from by Cool Brandon

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no one else could replicate what you do to my confidence
quarters for my laundry i'm always losing a lot of em
from going to the mall and then playing cruising exotica
Hit up books a million and start pursuing erotica
Do people really do the Kama sutra,
Or do they just browse the pages and get boners in the book store
I'm pretty sure that that's the only thing this book is good for
so teenagers and me will be incentivized to look more
get a big erection, jet fast and be gone
Head to beat off with the lotions at bed bath and beyond
till i get a red rash on my dong or caught by the guard
throw his ass in the pond while i'm still partially hard

there's never anything to do so lets go to the mall
there's never anything to do so lets go to the mall baby boy come on

I'm up at the GAME STOP RICHARD!

Catch me scheming at the hot topic
Raucous with that NOS in my pocket
Uh oh, there goes the girl that I’m in love with
but she’s dating some dick, man ain’t that some shit
Welp! No buddy said that life was ever fair
Catch me at the lids buying hats that I will never wear
At the Sbarro, bitch bonjourno,
Everybody pile in my mom’s old car yo!
Whip colored like some fort knox bricks
Hit panda express for some more chop sticks
No need to panic, baby behave
I got in-store credit at the EB Games


cruising into radioshack, wondering where all the fucking radios at
I'm like "Yo! Where all your fucking radios at?
ANd they just looking at me funny, they afraid of me bad
Man I thought this was the radio shack, they should strictly sell radios
Not remote control cars and batteries.
So I got pissed off, and stormed out of that hell hole
after i bought a cool truck and some batteries
Those people are radio compromisers
and my mama raised me never to haggle and talk to liars
and these employees are liars lying to us for their salary
shown sheep how to be sheepish and the cows how to be cowardly

My god these kids like zombies
Blank, odd shuffling up in the abercrombie
To me the Pac Sun the Waldorf Astoria
Oops! I see your secret Miss Victoria
You should have kept that at the back of the store
I’m at the Macy’s, cop immaculate drawers and what’s more?
Best Buy, keyboards, hammer high chords
at the import store buying samurai swords, my lord!
This mall’s fantastic, leaving with a million bags of plastic,
Throw them out in plastic, now they in the ocean and the situation’s drastic


seriously there's only like nine radio options at radio shack
you thought i was done but now i'm coming right back
with the same trick that i came with, make your brain twitch with a bang bitch
tryning to watch all my language like a french spy inside England
We back here in the back yard, we bad boys so BACK off
we bored too, lets go to the mall, we're really hard but we act soft,
that sounded gay, keep it going, I'm confused, let's go to the mall,
walk around, at the mall, see some hos at the Payless Shoes
I make a move, say wassup, baby boo, I prayed for you
get ya baba ganoush on layaway, I'm the caboose on the paper train
might change the game like david blaine, I cry a lot, I make it rain,
I'm Damon Waynes in Major Payne, You Nathan Lane, We ain't the same


from ANXIOUS, released September 14, 2014
feat. Paddy Profane and Bridget Bellavia




Cool Brandon Chicago, Illinois

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