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Awww yeah that what's I'm talking bout
Cool Brandon gonna party while my mom is out
Eating cotton candy, now thats my kind of cotton mouth
Do the monster mash in a haunted house, I walk it out,
these days I'm anxious, this shit gets extreme
have the wrong thoughts and then I go throw up in the sink
tryna fight off certain neurons really hoping they leave
hoping somebody’ll know what I mean, know what I mean?
seriously, does anybody out there know what I mean
if you do, you can reach me at coolbrandond
at gmail.com, I’ll keep it logged on
awaiting response, praying to god because my patience is gone
I could be in bed getting head from blonde women
and still be freaking out from too much metacognition
busted my brain, not much to do with my wisdom
went to the doctor he just googled my symptoms, I could have done that

Do you feel reliant on some people you hate?
you're not alone baby we can relate, eez okay
it's important to keep keeping the faith,
that's probably the reason i'm still making tapes
so don’t hate cause
i’m great cause i’m cool, that’s just how it unfolds
but some of my homies they don’t even have homes
so don’t cry and don’t weep and don’t feel all alone
Unless you’re me because my life’s the hardest anyone’s known !

married to the game, no we're just friends
with the realization, i hate waiting
it painstaking, my brains breaking
but thats just me and i ain't changing it
gotta a feeling my babes faking it
fucks other dudes when vacationing
tryna be cool like clay aiken
but I’m bout to wake up to a rude awakening
In my Tree house, all girls, Keep out
life is a big acid trip, just trying not to freak out!
don’t think about what you’re thinking about
just think about what you’re thinking about
and if that don’t make any sense
my advice is just don’t think about it
bet you’re thinking about it
Work part time, got a three to five
and my feet don't go where the people die
i respect a lll views, i read the bible
pulling up to church, in a cloud of smoke
got a pound of pope, tryna play it smooth like
how your folks, that wow's the hoes
cool brandon got cool that's how it goes

welcome to my anxious mind, is this something that you know? visit
corners of my brain that i’d prefer not to go, wanna
murder this feeling of all this circular thinking
with some working and drinking just tryna get in control
welcome to my anxious mind
if you wanna get to know me go ahead and waste your time
girls get mad when we have sex,
because i'm always making vines
you say no cameras while we be naked? fine
I'm bad at banging i might put it in her belly button, whoops!
hellen keller stellar, can't tell me nothing, i'm deaf
spending all my energy just trying to become well adjusted
everybody's acting like they're selling something, life insurance
don’t fuck with the king, go to target
have the self control to only get a couple of things
some wax paper maybe something to drink
thats how i roll, all y’all probably shouldn’t come in the rink
Cool Brandon was sup.

Anxious but I’m getting better
Anxious but I’m getting better
Inner monologue went silent
Anxious but I’m getting better
Anxious but I’m getting better
Anxious but I’m getting better
Lots of neural dead ends
Anxious but I’m getting better


from ANXIOUS, released September 14, 2014
feat. Byrdsong Jr.




Cool Brandon Chicago, Illinois

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