Party Monster

from by Cool Brandon

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I’m a lyrical tyrant
I parked by the hydrant
yo can you keep on eye on it?
I just farted it's silent
I'm starting the wild but y'all's party is quiet
i'm retarded and childish, I say spark when i light it,
wanna watch me freestyling? Yo can I smoke in your house?
Yo are we going on out? The night is young, pedophiling

Make it clap, make it whip
Make it make a quesadilla
Take it back, take a hit,
You a tasty seniorita
Its important that I meet you,
Let's fuck in my winnebago
have you screaming, neighbors thinking
that someone stepped on a lego, y'alll
cash rules everything my money is fiat
you want that information better come to my kiosk
you don't wanna rumble in the playground
you don't wanna find yourself on the end of my seesaw
golly, get ass in the pourtipotti,
Snortin acid and molly I probably bought from an immigrant
acting all sorts of naughty, The rooms wobbling spinning
when I walk in the kitchen
candy flipping, thats some cognitive dissonance

Make it whip, make it whistle
Make it make a bank deposit
Get a bitch to pop my pimples
Till it hurts and I yell stop it
Its important that you help me,
Let's fuck inside of my grand am
screaming, neighbors thinking
that someone fucking with Bran Bran

You’re telling me to leave when I can barely focus
Look I'm sorry i have weed, if I have weed imma smoke it
And you know that i'll have it, you have drinks, Imma drink it,
so when you start your complaining, i don't know what you thinking
Inviting me over me up in the first place
maybe think twice when celebrating your birthday
remember those nights that we couldn't ever remember?
You put your dick into women I put my foot in the blender
We all used to be more fun, do shit we regret
but you can't get an abortion for shit on the net
I'm not in the condition to go get a diversion
Liquered and swerving, i guess i can just sit here on the curb and
think about what i did, that's what i spend my life doing
Never learning just continual movement, yo i said
fuck that ho that says your friend is a nuisance cause
I'm a graduate that parties like the rest of the students
whose that kid showing up drunk with aviators on?
Spilling drinks and instantly skipping over my favorite song?
Yo Cool Brandon parties until the break of dawn.
Touch the cats dick and then go boot in the neighbor's lawn


from ANXIOUS, released September 14, 2014




Cool Brandon Chicago, Illinois

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