My Lady

from by Cool Brandon

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the chicks I dicks look kinda like the dixie chicks
the chicks you dick look kinda like they fifty cent at fifty six
women you break up with go ahead with their business
women I break up with go to methadone clinics
I get my women at stage readings of Jean Paul
Sartre's No exit, you get your bitches from craigslist
You know that its a lady when I reference my baby
The baby you refer to is an actual baby
your woman is the money that her paren't spent
my girl whoop there it is, yours is ulp there it went
We fuck when we go to sleep and wake up, she my now and later
your girl a kit kat, everybody get that

m'lady is a lady in public, your lady so
drunk I gotta hand her a bucket
My lady so tall i can stand while we fuckin, your lady
so ugly
you can't stand when you fucking,
plus she shop at nana republic,
My girls money always goes to keep the cannibus pumping
and she be thanking me all night like I handed her something
Just because i got my hand in her something
Knock knock, in the zone like Boobah
Stick my hoo hoo in her hoo ha
Your girl look like
Ru paul and Lou Dobbs
Smells like she's been
sleeping underneath the Harlem blue stop
She oughtta get a new job
Other than the hand and blow and foot ones she does for yo ass
My girl can fit her whole fist in her mouth, just thought you all should know that
oh snap your girl so dumb she thought your ball sack was a coke bag
Oh yeah so your raggedy hag tried to blow that, put a dick in her mouth
my girl bad and she know dat Like a puppy dog that shit in the house,
your girls pussy is a pamphlet, she on the corner just given it out
I'm laughin
cause you ask me how I bag em
Well I'm fresh to death when i'm rappin
Axe cans in my casket and that's classic
Never acting when I talk to them
and my package like a tonka truck
don't complain they aint tryna fuck
maybe its cause you just kinda sucks
don't get mad and shit
thats just me explaining that
cause all you care about is ass and tits,
i care about her brains and ass
my girls a porsche yours a red sedan
Mine chelsea lately, yours letter man
and if you wonder why I'm with chicks
you can bet it's cause i'm the better man


from ANXIOUS, released September 14, 2014




Cool Brandon Chicago, Illinois

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