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she wanted me to be more hands on
so i pulled out her tampon
wish I had more balls like I was Lance Strong
Dropped the arm cause I'm not hands on
never was she musta got the brand wrong
Cause I'm Brand On,
I'm not making fucking dance songs
Don't got any pre-orders from samsung
My only fans from Chicago or Kansas
I would never ask you to put your hands up,
Now go on put your hands up
Y'all just can't stand that I'm tall and I'm handsome
Hold your daughter for ransom, the stockholm's is instant
She's already doing dishes in my kitchen
I need to have a vicious intervention
turn your sneering looks to pure adherence took
your expectations, shook em,
got our mamas in the streets all burning lyrics books
Hope the furnace cooks away all of the hard k's
Hope my little rapper can get a job at the Barclays
But these days its heartaches, so diem comma carpe
Ditchin woman crying at every song the guitar play
apprehension caused the aforementioned cataclysms
bark at the dogs and only cats will listen
I be famous and randy in some plaided linens, ain't it dandy,
the reincarnation of amos and andy
breakin in and filleting your family, now take off your panties
I'm coming but tryna be as late as I can be
theres a rough crowd over at my clubhouse
your last words will probably be the password
fuck the mouth of a girl in a grass skirt, sun dress
Gonna make her ass hurt from butt sex
Doesn't matter who come last first,
what matters is what's next? Throw it in and ask if she upset
she said it hurt more with the last guy, ah yes
those the kinda words that make your ass cry
and your ice cream, roll in to a nice scene
with nothing but some doobies rolled up and some pipe dreams, act right
easy getting lost in the crack pipe, aight mac?
if i'm ever gone for too long, we'll be right back


from ANXIOUS, released September 14, 2014




Cool Brandon Chicago, Illinois

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