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You maybe thinking that your thinker is broken
maybe from drinking and smoking, maybe genetic components
its getting late, the shrink isn't open, you're googling to find a
way to control this, you better know that
your brain isn't busted its just different from others, so
use that to your advantage when the world tries to fuck ya, i'm fucking
hurling and shitting cause my world it be spinning
But it's all good in the hood cause I'm controlling the vision
the world's the same place that it was the day before
and if you made it to this point, you probably gonna make it more
and if you not, no skin off the back
cause when I'm dead I can finally relax, thats a fact
if you get close to ever calling it quits, remembers
sentience a burden but it's also a gift
a big movie yo thats all that it is
so don’t give me your pills doc, I ain’t swallowing shit


from ANXIOUS, released September 14, 2014




Cool Brandon Chicago, Illinois

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